"We use an AVM cascade to help manage a second mortgage portfolio. Recently for the first time, we needed to validate our vendor's models to comply with the Interagency Appraisal and Evaluation Guidelines. Boxwood helped us get comfortable with the process and then delivered on their promise of a comprehensive, timely and cost-effective study."
Chief Consumer Credit Officer
Regional Bank
"As a lender in the small balance commercial market, it's imperative that we know where the best opportunities lie. Boxwood is the go-to firm for background market research and data; their market intelligence has been unique and vital to our lending programs."
Senior Vice President
National Bank

Client Consulting Assignments

A representative sample of client assignments is presented below.

  • AVM Validation Studies - Testing of residential automated valuation models (AVMs) for U.S. commercial banks and services firms in Canada.
  • Risk Scoring System - Design, development and maintenance of risk scoring system for residential property valuations on behalf of Canadian title company.
  • Housing Markets Study - Narrative analysis of 15+ residential housing markets across multiple states in support of market monitoring and risk management for Midwest commercial bank.
  • Small Balance Loan Originations Research - Strategic study of small balance commercial loan market for national residential lender entering the space. Other ad-hoc studies of the small balance loan space for banks and non-bank lenders.
  • Investment Fund Study - Quantitative study and rationale for new real estate fund sponsored by investment management firm mixing public REIT securities and private real estate assets.
  • Portfolio Diversification Study - Examination of portfolio diversification benefits of multifamily lending program on behalf of one of the nation's Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs). Portfolio analytics involving Boxwood's simulation and risk models evaluated the impact of regional concentrations and loan structure on expected/unexpected losses and capital reserves for diverse mortgage portfolios.
  • Hedge Fund Development - Development of quantitative, medium-term strategic investment system involving risk-adjusted expected returns for all NYSE equities for global financial services and investment management company.
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