Commercial Evaluation Tools

Boxwood Means, Inc. has been a leading provider of valuations, and data and analytics in the small commercial property and loan markets since 2003. We understand the complexities of the small commercial property market and take the challenges of collateral identification and property valuation head on.

Boxwood maintains a deep lineup of commercial evaluation reports for lenders, investors and services firms. First, we offer our FieldSmart Collateral Advisor report, an innovative and federally-compliant solution for commercial evaluations. FieldSmart is available with either a sales comparison approach, or combined sales and income approach to valuation. FieldSmart provides an exceptional level of reporting detail on the collateral, sales and rent comparables and listings, local market conditions and valuation factors, and also includes an in-depth property inspection. Visit SmallBalance.com for more information on FieldSmart.

Boxwood offers a deep lineup of commercial evaluation reports for lenders, investors and services firms on SmallBalance.com.

Second, as a leading developer and provider of automated valuation models (AVMs) for small commercial properties we offer two AVMs: Valpro and Valpro PC. Valpro is a stand-alone AVM. The Valpro PC report is "conditioned" by the results of a property inspection and thus complies with federal agency guidelines on content for commercial evaluations.

These valuation tools are routinely tested, and we continuously strive to improve them as additional data and technology become available. However, beyond our strengths in technology and data, we find that the difference maker in this business is our close, day-to-day communication with clients that allows us to correctly pinpoint the collateral, develop an appropriate valuation and deliver reports on time.

Additional background information on these products is presented on SmallBalance.com.

A hi-touch sales comparison approach to value
An AVM adjusted for field-verified building conditions
An AVM value, instantly
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