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Boxwood Means, LLC is a Stamford, CT-based real estate research and consulting firm that strives to enhance client business performance with an ever-evolving set of research and analytical tools.

Boxwood was founded as a consulting/advisory firm in 2003 by veteran analysts, Randy Fuchs and Michaell Taylor. Over the years, Boxwood has become a respected source of independent analyst insight. We are a leading research authority on the small commercial property and loan space and, in 2010, we launched the subscription web site SmallBalance.com. On SmallBalance.com, commercial banks, lenders and investors can obtain a series of proprietary valuation reports on subject properties, property inspection reports, and market data and trend reports.

Company Profile
Company Profile Founded as a consulting/advisory firm in 2003 by two veteran analysts, Boxwood Means has become a respected source of independent analyst insight.

Our quantitative orientation, coupled with a history of developing commercial AVM products, has also equipped us to support banking clients with residential AVM validations. Our validation assignments reflect a deep understanding of statistical studies, AVM features and risks, data limitations as well as the regulatory environment that governs AVM usage.

Large investments in national commercial and residential property databases facilitate our research, analysis and product development efforts in all spheres. The firm also invests heavily in data systems and security; e.g.,we manage roughly six terabytes of data at multiple off-site storage facilities.

Yet, Boxwood's most important assets are its employees. Our organization relies on a strong, independent work ethic among staff but, at the same time, we are bound by the knowledge that shared values and collaboration yield the best outcomes. As a result, we are able to run a relatively flat organization and entrust employees with the resources to accomplish great things both personally and for clients.

We have been fortunate to work with a broad range of clients over the years. To review a selection of previous client projects, click here.

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